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Ready. Set. Go.

You have your business, your community, your strategy.
You just need someone to write for you. 
So you can start saving time and stop losing your sanity.

Work With Me: Welcome

Do you need a shiny new website page?

Email funnels and love letters for your raving fans?

A full set of copy for a new launch?

And even thinking about writing all of the above is already making your left eye twitch?

It's okay, friend.

You don't have to tackle this alone anymore.

Let’s chat and figure out whether we're a copywriting match made in heaven. No strings attached.

I'm all about bundles + packages start at $750 CAD 

Work With Me: Projects

The Process, Step by Step:

Step 1
Apply to work with me by booking a call! 

We'll chat about your project goals, what you want to achieve with your new copy, and how I can best support you with my unique blend of copywriting, coaching, and consulting.


Step 2

If you & I decide it's the right time to move forward with your project, we'll book a formal Kick-Off meeting so we can dive even deeper into detail.

Before our Kick-Off, I'll send you some paperwork to complete, including a formal contract and a comprehensive questionnaire to capture all of the information I need to write words true to you and your brand voice. 

I love to see samples of your writing, or from other people/brands you love and admire. The more information you can share, the better I’ll be at creating copy for you once I put my "copycat" skills to work.

Step 3

Once I have everything I need to write in your voice, I'll put my writer's hat on and start to create copy that could fool anyone into thinking you're the one who wrote it. 

Depending on your timeline and the size of the project, you'll get your first draft within 1-2 weeks, and we'll have 1-2 rounds of revisions to ensure you leave this experience with words you love. 


Time to throw yourself a party and celebrate all of the hours you saved!

Ahhh, bliss.

Work With Me: Projects
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