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I've been writing for a decade

And I can write for you, too

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Hi, friend! We haven't met yet - but I know you're an ambitious leader who cares about building a successful business and making the world a better place.

You know making money and doing good don't have to be mutually exclusive.
People can thrive and be better together in business, too. 

You have a vision for your brand and your business - and you’re SUPER excited about your new venture! 

BUT you’re also tired, anxious, frustrated, and juggling a million different things on your plate. 

​At the end of the day, fact is: You don’t have time to write.

You're getting tired of spending ages in front of a computer, trying to whip up your own content.

And you would kill to find someone you could trust to just do the damn thing for you. 

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Deep breath. I got you. Writing doesn't have to be hard when you have a copywriter who can jive with your vibe.

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Hi! I'm Rebeca (she/her)

Copywriter + Your Fluent Copy Creator

I’m here to make your life easier + more productive by writing compelling, authentic copy that connects with your community + converts into real numbers for your biz.

AKA I'm here to help you save time through the power of copywriting.

As a biz owner myself, I understand the impact copywriting has on your product + business.

I spent a decade wearing many different hats: travel agency co-owner hat; fundraiser hat; event/project manager hat... the list goes on.

I've managed portfolios well over the $1 Million mark, connected with thousands of donors and clients daily, and I know how to communicate in a way that opens hearts and wallets.

(like I said, connect + convert!)

If copywriting has been a biz killjoy for you, I’m here to take it off your plate.

I want you to have the time + energy to focus on the parts of your biz that you actually enjoy. 

Or just have the freedom to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine.

So, tell me. 

What support do you need to create your copywriting freedom?

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Behind the scenes

I'm that person who graduated with a BA in Psychology, decided to follow a different career path after all, and still takes personality tests and reads articles on neuroplasticity for fun. (if you're curious, I'm an INFP!) 

When I'm not working, I’m either reading, building puzzles, or editing and reorganizing my home à la Marie Kondo style. 

And I love traveling and learning new languages! 

I’m originally from Brazil, and Canada has been my home away from home for over a decade. 

I speak English + Brazilian Portuguese fluently, French well enough, Japanese so-so, and another two on very-slow-work-in-progress mode.

Oh, and did I mention I love food?

Cuz I really, really love food :P

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How it all started...

One day, I found my roommate hunched over her laptop, overworked, exhausted, and frustrated... 

She had just launched her own business and had little to no time for writing – never mind creating the kind of copy that sells or connects with future clients. (…sounds familiar?) 

I offered to help:

“I don’t know your business, but I'm good at writing. Let me take this off your plate.”

As far as sales pitches go, I agree this doesn’t sound very convincing. 

Fortunately, she knew me well enough to trust me. And if I said I could do it, she was willing to give it a try. (And deep down, she didn't want to write it anyway, so why not.)

Voilà: I had my first ever copywriting project in hand!

Truth be told, it was only one measly e-newsletter.

Yet I saved her nearly 4 HOURS of her time with that first project alone.

And that was before I even knew anything about copywriting.

Imagine what I could do for you today.

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