Hi! I'm Rebeca
I'm not you (duh). But I can write like you.

I can save you valuable time by writing copy in your voice and connecting with your community in a way that feels authentic for you and your brand.

And give you the freedom to work on what actually brings you joy.

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"When I read what Rebeca wrote for me for the first time, it weirded me out to read something with my tone, energy, and voice when I was not the author. Which is meant as a compliment!"

Jessie Liang, Actor + Coach
Acting Expanded


You're ambitious and you're working hard to make your dreams come true


You're getting tired of spending decades in front of a computer, trying to whip up your own content.

You're ready to create more time for your biz outside of... Writing. Writing. Annnd more writing

Well, you're in luck, friend. I love writing! 

Let's wordsmith you back into that magical, time-saving paradise where you actually have the freedom to enjoy your life and do more than just write.

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Based in Vancouver, BC Canada

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